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John Ainslie

John Ainslie (1745 - 1828)

Surveyor and cartographer.  Born in Jedburgh (Scottish Borders), he began his career as a surveyor and engraver for the English County Series maps.  He established a reputation as an excellent surveyor, producing updated maps of Scotland in 1782 and 1789. His Comprehensive Treatise on Land Surveying comprising the Theory and Practice of all its Branches was an important early text on surveying practice.

University of Edinburgh Gazetteer for Scotland

John Ainslie was considered an outstanding surveyor of his time for both the quality and quantity of his work.  He worked with Thomas Jefferys on Surveys of a number of English counties before setting up business in Edinburgh as a bookseller and land surveyor.  His output of county and coastal surveys and estate plans was prolific.  He is best known for his 1783 "Ainslie's Travelling Map" and his large-scale map of Scotland "Drawn and Engrav'd from a Series of Angles and Astronomical Observations" published in 1789.

Jedburgh Online

John Ainslie's map of Gilmerton

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