We have always had the goal that we would like to be really useful with the financial information that we provide. That is why we have put together a series of articles which we hope will help lots of people. Our aim is to make sure that people know what different products are and when they should be used. We also want them to know what they should be thinking about when they are making financial decisions. Hopefully combined, they will have a good understanding of the thought processes they should be going through when they are making financial decisions. We hope that leads to better decisions being made and them being able to manage their money more easily. We know that money can lead to a lot of stress and can even lead to marriages breaking down and we want to help with this. We believe that by having better knowledge it will help people to stay in control of their money better and therefore feel less stressed about it all of the time. Obviously, knowledge is just the start and changes will need to be made but once you know what sort of changes you can make then this enables you to have the freedom to make the right decisions.