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Knight Templars

Could there be a link between Gilmerton Cove and the Knight Templars?  Read about them and make up your own mind.

The Order of Knight Templars in Scotland was founded by Hugh De Payens, the First Grand Master of the Order, in 1128 whilst he was visiting his family relatives by marriage in Scotland.  Despite the many misleading claims by others, it was not the St. Clairs, nor any family residing in Roslin either.  Possibly his Norman relatives via the Norman Prior of Melrose Abbey, or the Earl David, later David King of Scots from his first marriage in Northumbria which was part of Scotland at that time.  The Primary role and function of the Order in Scotland, was to provide good fighting men to help protect the Pilgrim routes to and from the Holy Lands. Especially Santiago De Compostello, a Holy place with many Scottish connections, and ancient Celtic ties with this Noble Order. The name of Douglas and others still being well known to this day in Spain.

Many of our modern institutions owe their origin to the Order of Knight Templars, especially the Banking and Financial Institutes.  The Order was a major force in shaping the Western World, until unjust persecution in 1307 drove the Order from France, and other Countries to seek Sanctuary, and refuge in Scotland, where the Order has survived in various forms even to this day, also to serve their own Sovereign Grand Master, Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, the Knight Templars also fighting with great distinction in 1314 at Bannockburn, their charge breaking up and scattering the English Chivalry's right wing.  To thus assist Scotland to win the day against the most elite and veteran filled Army of all Christendom.

Throughout history the fortunes of the Order in Scotland have fluctuated so much that their activities were often clandestine for fear of reprisal by their Unionist adversaries.  However there is clear documentary evidence of famous Knight Templars in Scottish History particularly within the Christian Jacobite movement: these include James of Claverhouse (Bonnie Dundee), the Grand Prior of Scotland who was murdered by a Unionist assassin at the Battle of Killiecrankie - he was succeeded in his post by John, The Earl of Mar as Regent.  Also Charles Edward Stuart, who held a meeting on the evening of the 24/9/1745 with the Knight Templars in Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh.  These same Templars Installed him as the Sovereign Grand Master of Scotland that very night (Prestonpans Victory having just been won on the 22/9/1745.)  Another famous Templar was the Duke of Montrose a Protestant who kept his Templar Oath of Religious Freedom for all, this at the cost of his own life, in opposing John Knox and other Unionist Quislings.  In recent times the Order like many others, has come through a successful schism and revival, there is currently a wide spread of membership of Christian and Templars throughout the World.


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